Putting Students First
L - Learner


This area is designed with the Learner Driver in mind and is in-fact the main focus of this web page. You have been given a License to drive, even though it is with a licensed passenger, you have 100 hours of driving to complete and a year or more to do it in, you have been put in a place where there is no rush and want to help make those 100 hours enjoyable, valuable and rewarding.

Just some of the things you'll find here are some basic hints and tips on how to get started, some warnings and encouragement, there's a section to help you develop your manoeuvres and some pointers to help you better understand and control your attitude toward driving. If you have anything you think I could add just let me know and I'll see what can be done.

If you are living in the Toowoomba area I'll also present some routes (NOT test routes) you can take to make sure you have visited different hazards and are prepared for your test, and of cause I'll also be happy to take you for some driving lessons.

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