Putting Students First

U Can Drive - Driving School

Driving Lessons in Toowoomba with a Difference.

A Strong Understanding of Customer Service

U Can Drive - A Driving School that offers the best up todate service in Toowoomba.


U Can Drive is the only Driving School in Toowoomba that has a genuine online booking system, text message confirmation of bookings and a text message reminder the evening before your driving lesson. U Can Drive is also the only Driving School with a camera and iPad for immediate reply of a driving situation for review and discussion.

As more and more cars come with reversing cameras as standard we have decided to get one too.  Once you can reverse without using the camera we can help you understand how to SAFELY use a reversing camera rather than depending on them.

U Can Drive also has the convinient ability to accept Visa or Master Card payments in the car, you'll never need to come to us, we will ALWAYS come to you.

U Can Drive - A Driving School that puts the Learner Drivers needs first.

U Can Drive is a Driving School in Toowoomba that offers driving lessons tailored to best meet the learner driver's needs. Think of us like a taxi you can drive, we can pick you up where ever you are, give you a driving lesson and then drop you off where ever you need to be, within Toowoomba of course.

Driving Schools are for teaching learner drivers to drive, o do this effectively the driving school needs to understand your learning style and adapt the driving lessons or instruction to match the learner driver. We will talk you through what needs to happen (auditory), we can show you diagrams of what it should look like (visual), and obviously you get to do the actual driving yourself (kinaesthetic).

U Can Drive - A Driving School that teaches more that just the basics.

U Can Drive is a Driving School that teaches on different levels. We don't just teach you how to pass a driving test (we do teach that) but we also teach you how to drive in real life situation. At U Can Drive your Driving Instructor will talk though issues of on road safety, how to deal with "road rage" in yourself and from others. We will also create a realistic environment for real life driving, that means we will put the radio on, we will have discussions to cause distraction and make sure you continue to drive safely.

U Can Drive - A Driving School that looks after their Learner Drivers.

U Can Drive is a Driving School that takes responsibility for their learner drivers. We always make sure you are safely in your house, school grounds, or work place (where ever) before we leave. If you have any specific needs talk to your driving instructor, we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

U Can Drive - A Driving School that doesn't scream and shout.

Driving School Toowoomba

U Can Drive is a Driving School that knows how to remain calm. Have you even had a driving instructor panic and start shouting during a driving lesson? It doesn't help the situation, even if things are going badly, panic in the driving instructors only causes more panic in the learner driver resulting in future nervousness and greater difficulty learning! This will not happen with U Can Drive, our driving instructors will remain calm and encourage you to take your time.

All of our driving instructors are patient and have a friendly nature, we also have a set of control pedals, meaning that even if a student does start to panic, the driving instructor can help the learner control their speed, braking and gearing.

The driving schools fee structure allows discounts for paying for driving lessons in bulk, the more you pay for upfront the less you pay.

Quick Tip: Make sure you consider all costs of owning a car! Young drivers often forget some of the necessary expenses such as registration, fuel, maintenance and most importantly auto insurance (avoid using budget insurance comapines as you will probably not get the same level of cover)!

Driving Schools that have Driving Instructors should give Driving Lessons designed for Learner Drivers because it is good for Learner Drivers to have Driving Lessons with Driving Instructors from good Driving Schools


Free K2D Driving Lessons

With 'U Can Drive'

The keys2drive program aims to improve driver safety by helping P plater's drive for six months without hurting themselves or others, building a foundation for a life of safe driving. The keys2drive coaching approach is designed to provide a learning experience that is more real, more thorough and more attuned to the reality of licensed driving.

VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 Jessica Watson K2D


Do you do Auto Driving Lessons?

First let me ask you "Why you are asking?"

Do you think it's too hard? or maybe there's just too much to think about?

Give it a try before you give up on your self, it's actually not that difficult, yes it may take a little longer to figure it all out, but hey, you have a whole year to get it and 100 hours of driving to do. In most cases we can get you comfortable (if not confident) driving a manual within 3 lessons.

The fact is I don't like to do automatic driving lessons and there is a good reason for this, an automatic driver's licence only allows you to drive automatic cars, I understand that you and your family may only have automatic cars but consider this:

Can I have driving lessons?

Upon gaining his Learners Licence a young man asked his Dad "Dad, when could I get some Driving Lessons?"

The young mans Dad quickly replied "You can have some Driving Lessons once your grades are up, you're studying your Bible daily and you've had a hair cut, then I'll contact some driving schools about driving lessons for you."

About a month later the young man returned to his Dad again asking if he could have some Driving Lessons.

"Son, I'm real proud of you, your grades have improved greatly and you're studying your Bible every day, but you still haven't had a hair cut so no driving lessons yet." His Dad replied.

"Dad, I've been thinking about that and while studying the Bible I realized that Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, and even Jesus probably had long hair." Replied the son

"Yes, and they all walked everywhere they went!" Answered Dad.

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