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P - Provisional

Defensive Driving Courses

At U Can Drive we do not believe your Learning finishes once you get your licence, we do not teach you how to recover from an over-steering or under-steering incident during standard lessons, we also don't teach you how to perform a Brake and Evade technique for when something bad happens. Why? Because it's actually quite dangerous to do this on the road. To compensate for this lack we offer three levels of continued training called Defensive Driving.

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It's not just about you!

Crashes happen when someone does the wrong thing!

Think about it, if everyone is doing the right thing accidents don't happen! So a crash on the road is always caused by someone doing the wrong thing and sometimes no matter what you do that crash is going to happen and you're going to be involved even though you did nothing wrong. But most of the time it requires a second person, YOU, to not be paying attention.

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P1 Restrictions

There are certain restrictions placed on you as a Provisional Driver, breaking these conditions could cost you your licence.

Whilst on your P1 licence, you must:

    • obey any conditions stated on your licence.
    • not receive four or more demerit points in any one year period.
    • have your licence with you when you are driving and be able to present it to the police if required.
    • not drink at all, you have a zero alcohol limit (0.00). You will be fined and could lose your licence.
    • not drive under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

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