Can I have driving lessons?

Upon gaining his Learners Licence a young man asked his Dad "Dad, when could I get some Driving Lessons?"

 The young man's Dad quickly replied "You can have some Driving Lessons once your grades are up, you're studying your Bible daily and you've had a hair cut, then I'll contact some driving schools about driving lessons for you."

 About a month later the young man returned to his Dad again asking if he could have some Driving Lessons.

"Son, I'm real proud of you, your grades have improved greatly and you're studying your Bible every day, but you still haven't had a hair cut so no driving lessons yet." His Dad replied.

 "Dad, I've been thinking about that and while studying the Bible I realised that Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, and even Jesus probably had long hair." Replied the son

 "Yes, and they all walked everywhere they went!" Answered Dad.

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